5 Reasons For Planting Trees

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Protect the Land

Forests protect the soil from heavy rainfall preventing hydric erosion. When there is no cover to intercept raindrops, they impact violently on the bare soil producing the disaggregation of particles that are then transported to lower areas or water bodies. In this way, soils are lost, and there is a risk that forests will turn into deserts. Day after day, soil comes off from its original place. Without soil, the forest regeneration capacity is drastically reduced.

Protect the Water

Why plant trees to care for water?

Why plant trees to care for water? Because they cool the surface of the Earth

and not only by providing shade, the water they transpire also cools the air around them.


Offset your

Carbon Footprint

Most of our activities release carbon or other gases into the atmosphere accelerating global warming.

Trees can capture these gases and store them in their leaves, trunks and roots.

By planting trees, we can offset our carbon footprint and fight against climate change.

Stop Exotic Species

Exotic species are those introduced outside their original distributional range.


They have no evolutionary relationship with the species that live in their new territory, and can cause major problems by transmitting unknown diseases, competing or preying on native species.


With your help, we will plant native trees to stop the advance of exotic species.


Conserve Biodiversity

Forests are home to millions of species.

Huemules, pudus, giant woodpeckers, fungi, bacteria and all kinds of plants coexist in the delicate balance generated by a forest. Forest fragmentation is leaving thousands of species without habitat.

What is habitat fragmentation?

Just like you need to move around into the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom at home, animals need to move around in nature. They have places to feed, places to breed and places to winter. To move from one place to another, animals need a connection.

If they cannot go to their breeding places, they will not breed. And a species that does not reproduce becomes extinct. 

If you are locked in the bathroom, and the food is in the kitchen, how can you feed yourself?

That is what happens to animals when we remove a part of their habitat. Fragmentation.